The Open Heart Companion:
Preparation and Guidance for Open-Heart Surgery Recovery

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kathleen Blake, MD, Cardiologist

How to Use This Book

Prologue:  My Own Journey from Resistance to Action

PART ONE: What to Do Before Your Date With Open-Heart Surgery

Chapter 1.  First Steps for the Patient

Chapter 2.  Advice and Support for Caregivers

Chapter 3.  Take an Active Role from the Beginning

Chapter 4.  Organize a Home Team

Chapter 5.  The Challenges You May Face

PART TWO: Planning for Your Hospital Stay

Chapter 6.  The Hospital Experience For First-timers

Chapter 7.  From the ICU to the Journey Home

PART THREE: Managing Your Recovery At Home

Chapter 8.  Losing and Regaining Spiritual Strength: A Personal Perspective

Chapter 9.  Home Sweet Home—Maybe

Chapter 10.  More on the Jagged Progress Forward

Epilogue: Three Journal Entries

Guidelines and Checklists  




About the Author


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Click here to read a portion of Chapter 10 for tips on handling mood swings.

Preview either of  these chapters, available as stand-alone chapters from the book:
    Chapter 4. "Organize a Home Team"
    Chapter 5. "The Challenges You May Face"

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