Recovery Organizer (preview/sample)

by Maggie Lichtenberg, PCC
happy survivor and thriver!

Pre-Surgery QUESTIONS Checklist (preview/sample)

Get answers to
questions about:
to ask
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1. Surgery: what to expect    
2. Hospital stay    
3. Banking your own blood    
4. Pain management options    
5. Anger, Depression    

MASTER CHECKLIST (preview/sample)

Part I  Take an Active Role Before Your Surgery Date.
Remember: Advance Knowledge Is Power
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Designate an advocate: the caregiver who will accompany you before, during, and after surgery


Making the decision for surgery


Selecting the surgeon


Check surgeon and hospital quality at

Choosing a hospital  

What you will do for yourself before surgery:
20 strategies — for example:

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Begin a daily prepare-for-surgery program  

Join a local or online support group


Get clear on what your level of functioning will be once you go home


Decide whether to seek short-term counseling



Part II 

Plan Ahead Proactively for 8-12 Weeks of Recovery
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Create a group email list or phone call chain  

Designate one follow-up phone/email communicator


Engage daily in frank 2-way primary caregiver communication;

  • Speak truly about your feelings to each other
  • Be a good listener



The full program continues with detailed advice on how to organize a home team, practice assertive communication, educate yourself, put yourself first...and many more empowering strategies for the recovering heart patient and caregiver.

This program is downloadable, in PDF format.

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