Open Heart Surgery Recovery Organizer

For great planning for your open-heart surgery recovery

With effective advance planning for open-heart surgery recovery, your fear will decrease and you will gain confidence and calm.  When you know what to really expect once you've left the hospital, both physically and psychologically, the recovery journey will be so much easier.  Purchase Maggie’s booklet, Plan Ahead Worksheet Program: Your Recovery Organizer.  Discover that knowledge is power.

Description: Modeled after patient education brochures, this user-friendly master task list is Maggie’s system to organize all the patient education efforts and actions you need to complete. It empowers heart patients and caregivers alike to take an active role to strategically design plans before and after surgery. The patient education program contains self-assignments and target completion dates to proactively prepare for surgery, and, to plan ahead creatively for 8-12 weeks of home recovery.

Perhaps unlike other patient education brochures, the Plan Ahead Worksheet Program: Your Information Organizer by Maggie Lichtenberg, happy open-heart surgery recovery survivor and thriver, includes a pre-surgery questions checklist and a two-part master checklist.
Part I is to enable you and your caregiver to take an active role before your surgery. Part II supports you and your caregiver to proactively plan ahead for 8-12 weeks of open-heart surgery recovery.

To see a preview of what the 9-page Recovery Organizer booklet includes, click here.

Cost of Plan Ahead Worksheet Program: Your Recovery Organizer $10.00 (USD)
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