Resources for open-heart surgery recovery

Books and Tapes:

The Open Heart Companion:
Preparation and Guidance for Open-Heart Surgery Recovery

Maggie Lichtenberg, PCC, Open Heart Publishing

Use this book

  • to plan for open-heart surgery and home recovery, or,
  • to guide you from the time you leave the hospital to when you regain sufficient strength to begin a cardiac rehab program -- the four to eight weeks after surgery.

Paperback book ($20.00) and E-Book ($14.00) are now available -- click here.


Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster: A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques
Peggy Huddleston, Angel River Press, Paperback book, $14.95;
Relaxation CD, $19.95; Relaxation audio-tape, $9.95

Open Heart:  A Patient’s Story of Life-Saving Medicine
and Life-Giving Friendship

Jay Neugeboren, Houghton Mifflin, 2003

Healing from the Heart: A Leading Surgeon Combines Eastern and Western Traditions to Create the Medicine of the Future
Mehmet Oz, MD, Plume, 1999

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